Prelude : Hey thanks Shawn Baker MD. sharing with us the great big totally awesome third annual World Carnivore Month. If you haven’t registered at his website yet and you’re committing to trying out Carnivore this month go to http://www.MeatRX.com and sign up. No, this is not a paid for ad for MeatRX I just completely believe that we need more data on this way of eating – Dr. Baker just seems to be a good pioneer in the data for meat only.

Well, hi again. This is my second celebration of World Carnivore Month. Beef, salt, water. That’s it.

Usually I have chicken or sometimes bacon or steak eggs or cheese, but this month is my fasted beef month. And I’ll be totally honest – 1lb+ of straight beef – even for only just a few days is so extremely filling! I’m so used to fasting combined at this point I’m quickly seeing that I’ve grown very keen of fasting with strict carnivore.

Que this 3-5 day fast coming today… right now. As delicious as the Brisket from yesterday’s lunch was – today is my day of tummy rest. I’d share pictures, but I took them with my phone and transferred- oh well nvm, I don’t have a picture of the brisket. Sue me. Just know it was good.

I’m so simple when it comes to this month. I have a ribeye roast that I’ll put in at some point and grass fed burger from Costco. And, lots of Redmond’s Salt – I buy it in bulk.

You do NOT have to do grass fed – at least according to some, but since I’m not buying all the sides – I feel like I can make up for that cost in getting the highest quality meats available. Possibly a little higher vitamin content in the fat.

And that’s it. One month. See how you feel. Give it a real shot. 30 days will not kill you and at the very least you might find your cooking time decreases!

One year Carnivore – What I’ve learned

Ok, well hi y’all! This year has been one helluva year in a ton of aspects. Least of which is my Carnivore and Fasting journey. Mikayla Peterson calls it the Lion Diet. Some people call it the No Carb Diet. Whatever it is you want to call it – it’s all based in the same thing. Eat meat, primarily beef and eat a LOT of it.

That’s where it started for me. I started just eating as much beef as I could possibly eat until I was fully full. To my surprise, being an ex-carbie I can actually pack a whole lot of food in my stomach. And by a lot I mean over a couple pounds a day plus butter plus eggs. Naturally-when you can eat that much you WILL gain weight. I did anyway. They say you don’t a lot in this community – that calories don’t matter, but they really do. At least for me. This was the time that I really had to step back and think – ok, I’m re-booting my body. It’s ok. Don’t worry about the lbs.

And then the summer hit and I just couldn’t be the one person doing all the right things and not budging on the scale. I’m active. Very active. I love weightlifting and in the last year have belonged to three gyms, I’ve gone hiking multiple occasions and I generally can not sit still.

I saw Sean Baker interview this guy who looked like he was just a kid. Cole Robinson was brash and rude and his ideas were a little on the coo-coo side. I mean, the man drank his own urine. And I loved it! No jerking off, no alcohol, no paying attention to the opposite sex unless they’re on your level. Oh yeah, and NO FOOD!

I had heard about fasting from Dr. Jason Fung on High Intensity Health Podcast, so the concept of fasting wasn’t foreign to me and I had entertained a long fast or two and had cut back to one to two meals per day. It all seemed like it was a good deal. Don’t eat all the time fatty. Ok, got it. But Cole had this idea of not only fasting for one meal, but fasting for days and making it a routine! He asked you put your fat ass on display on his Facebook page in exchange for some advice from him and his moderators. I dropped nearly 30lbs in 30 days. I had hit the point of probably too skinny. My meals were HUGE but only once every three days. And it felt great! Now I eat every 24-48 hours, depending on how I feel.

I just started up again at a new gym after taking a brief hiatus (2 months) while I transferred into a new career. Two months is a long time, sure, but when you’re looking at figuring out the balance of a seven year olds routine, a new drive route and a new set of hours… figuring out where the best time to fit weightlifting is a bit of a challenge. And now it’s game on!

How do I feel now?

Better than I’ve ever felt in my life! I no longer bloat, I no longer get rashes, skin exema, constipation, general exhaustion and mood swings! I truly can attribute eating meat to a lot of amazing changes with not only my body but also my life in general. Cutting out the fake food made it easy to compartmentalize a lot of other areas of my life. I wasn’t wasting time on food anymore so I had the opportunity to evaluate everything else. Fake friends. Fake boyfriends. Fake co-workers. And like my diet, I was able to rationally and calmly leave all things that hurt me!

It’s really great being able to just get out of bed, maybe make a cup of coffee, go for a walk and get ready without stressing about meal prepping now! I had been a meal prepper and my fridge was always packed with pre-packaged food I made Sunday’s and it took me HOURS counting the macros exactly. Every day was a new breakfast I had to weigh.

Now it’s beef. About a Lb. and whenever I get the urge to eat. No more wasted time. I’ll even eat it raw when it’s fresh now. Something I hadn’t imagined I would do ever in my life. But when you eat the same thing every day you begin to tinker with it. And when it’s beef every day – the rarer your taste becomes.

I HAVE strayed from meat only. I’m not perfect and I’m also very much human who is addicted to sugar and genuinely loves a lot of flavors. Every time, something unexpected and unpleasant happens. From the gas and bloating to constipation and the worst, blisters from head to toe! It’s horrible. Now I stick to the meat and the salt. Don’t fuck with it. It just ends up badly for me. Oh, and peppers or hot sauce. Because in my eyes Chili Pepper is the spice of life. It feeds my soul – even if it burns a hole through my intestines.

Anyway, now that life is going back on track I have a unique opportunity to get back to my writing. Welcome back into my life! Enjoy the ride.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I’m figuring this amazing coffee and carnivore thing out.   Hang tight while we’re under construction.

A little bit about me – I have been in love with coffee for quite some time now and had dabbled a bit in the past with organic food – which eventually translated into a Paleo follower and then Ketogenic and now bordering into all things Carnivore.

I’m obsessed with nutrition info and where food comes from and sustainability and local products.   I’m not a nutritionist so please don’t take my word as gospel – only as my own personal journey.

I’m a single mom so my budget is always at top of mind!   I’m constantly finding nutritious ways to stretch my buck and still live an outstanding healthy lifestyle.

I enjoy looking for personal stories and antidotes on all things coffee and carnivore so please feel free to reach out at any time if you’ve got any stories you’d like to share!

Thank you again!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton