Prelude : Hey thanks Shawn Baker MD. sharing with us the great big totally awesome third annual World Carnivore Month. If you haven’t registered at his website yet and you’re committing to trying out Carnivore this month go to and sign up. No, this is not a paid for ad for MeatRX I just completely believe that we need more data on this way of eating – Dr. Baker just seems to be a good pioneer in the data for meat only.

Well, hi again. This is my second celebration of World Carnivore Month. Beef, salt, water. That’s it.

Usually I have chicken or sometimes bacon or steak eggs or cheese, but this month is my fasted beef month. And I’ll be totally honest – 1lb+ of straight beef – even for only just a few days is so extremely filling! I’m so used to fasting combined at this point I’m quickly seeing that I’ve grown very keen of fasting with strict carnivore.

Que this 3-5 day fast coming today… right now. As delicious as the Brisket from yesterday’s lunch was – today is my day of tummy rest. I’d share pictures, but I took them with my phone and transferred- oh well nvm, I don’t have a picture of the brisket. Sue me. Just know it was good.

I’m so simple when it comes to this month. I have a ribeye roast that I’ll put in at some point and grass fed burger from Costco. And, lots of Redmond’s Salt – I buy it in bulk.

You do NOT have to do grass fed – at least according to some, but since I’m not buying all the sides – I feel like I can make up for that cost in getting the highest quality meats available. Possibly a little higher vitamin content in the fat.

And that’s it. One month. See how you feel. Give it a real shot. 30 days will not kill you and at the very least you might find your cooking time decreases!

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